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Blog de Corazón de Dixie

It’s only been six months since I sent Corazón de Dixie into copyediting, yet already new reading has caused me to reconsider the nuances of some of the things I argued. I am also bursting with things to say about the immigration rhetoric that has enveloped this political season, in light of Corazón de Dixie’s findings (fortunately, I’ve found at least one outlet for such a burst, about Donald Trump!). No doubt both of these things will keep happening, and I look forward to exploring them on this blog. Now that this website is public, I also can’t wait for feedback on how it works (or doesn’t) work as a teaching tool. Please keep me posted, colleagues and teachers, on your experiences with the book and the site. I’ll be able to make adjustments on the site and share/respond to your experiences and critiques on the blog.