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Year: 2015

North Carolina immigration politics, now and then

Under the leadership of Gov. Pat McCrory, North Carolina has hopped onto the bandwagon of GOP-led states trying to make life as difficult as possible for immigrants, particularly but not exclusively those without papers. I weighed in on this in

Rafael Landrove, Mississippi activist of the 1920s

Fortunately for me, Mississippi’s most prominent Mexican activist in the 1920s-30s had an unusual name: Rafael Landrove. Because his name was unusual, I was able to learn lots about his background from genealogical records, which I recount in Chapter 2.

Blog de Corazón de Dixie

It’s only been six months since I sent Corazón de Dixie into copyediting, yet already new reading has caused me to reconsider the nuances of some of the things I argued. I am also bursting with things to say about